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Sisters, Elizabeth (Betty) and Emma Lehnhardt, of the Garden Grove High School Class of 1928 combined their talents to write the school’s Alma Mater during their senior year as part of a school contest. Elizabeth wrote the song and Emma penned the lyrics. Their prize was $5. The song has continued as the school’s Alma Mater to this day and is a cornerstone of the tradition and legacy of Garden Grove High School.

There has been one minor change to the lyrics since they were first written. At that time, the school colors were blue and white. In fall of 1941, the school officially changed its colors to red and white, with the resultant change in the lyrics to “Red and White Forever”.

In their honor, the 1962 Argonaut Yearbook was dedicated to the Lehnhardt sisters.



Come stand forth Argonauts all
Let loyalty be our cry.
We’ll pull together, steadfastly forever,
We’ll all praise Garden Grove High.
We’re looking ever forward
Our best we strive to be
We’ll do what’s right, with all our might,
For Argonauts victory. Rah! Rah! Rah!
Hail Alma Mater
Let our cheers ring high.
Red and White forever,
Argonauts endeavor.
Hail! Hail! Hail!